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FAQ about Volunteering in RE

Roles of Volunteers

What is the time commitment?

How much time you choose to commit to RE is up to you.  DRE Lee is usually in the role of Lead Teacher, modeling the RE philosophy of Non Violent Communication and facililtating playbased learning. Experience powerful spiritual enrichment yourself by working with our children.  

How do I have to prepare?

All of the content and craft prep is done by the DRE. all you really need to do is show up on Sunday and be ready to be present with the kids! It’s best if you can arrive at 9:45am and check in with the DRE downstairs, but is not mandatory, however.  

What if I don’t know enough about Unitarian Universalism to teach?

Don’t worry! All content is prepared for you by the DRE. Teaching in RE is actually a great way to learn more about this faith tradition, as the history and lessons of UU are brought alive for the kids through stories, crafts, and projects. It’s a great way to experience faith in action, and there are no prerequisites to be a teacher. You only need the willingness to invest your energy in the lives of our kids.

What if I am sick or have a scheduling conflict?

If you can’t make your scheduled Sunday, please inform the DRE as soon as possible for arrangements to be made.


What if I can’t commit to a regular schedule, but want to be involved?

We are always looking to add to our list of substitutes and those willing to help with special events, like an RE breakfast or fundraiser. These are both great opportunities to begin your involvement in RE.

Are there any special requirements to volunteer in RE?

Yes, 1) complete a BCI Background Check Form with the Congregational Administrator to activate a BCI background check,  2) provide a copy of your driver’s license, and
3) sign the RE Code of Ethics

Still undecided or have questions?

If you have further questions, please get in touch with our Director of RE, Lee Cowan:    uucscdre2@gmail.com.

Lead teacher

Already in room when kids enter

Calls group into silence with sound meditation (gong)

Opens the morning by leading chalice lighting & joys and concerns

Presents the Wonder Box

Leads the group activity (if applicable) or introduces special guest

Calls group together for closing (gong)


Holds the space by providing verbal directions to kids 

Aligns with kids who are losing interest – first re-direction back into group, then alternate activities (exploring treasure box on table or fuse beads)

Supports group activity but ready to interact with individual kids who need more.

Parent Volunteer

Provide supplementary supervision, but does not lead activities or escort kids to bathroom, etc.

Support the group dynamics by noticing where some adult interaction may help.


Jr. Youth Group Leader
(Last Sunday of the month only)

Facilitate a loosely organized group, focusing on getting to know each other through class selected activities like games and snacks.

Lead joys and concerns as icebreaker.

Be intentional to listen and encourage positive group interactions and responses to topics that youth members generate.