UUCSC RE Program Philosophy

We use play-based learning, through which kids and adults are encouraged to live and model UU values in the ways they interact with each other. 

We’ve formed a Covenant and frequently refer to it, to remind ourselves of the agreements we make when we come together. We allow each child to choose what they want to do from a variety of options when they come to RE; this honors their autonomy, fosters independence, and respects the needs of neuro-diverse individuals to retain agency over how they will interact with the group.

We model the basics of Non-Violent Communication, in the main RE classroom as well as in the Nursery. 

We strive to model healthy communication and conflict resolution as a normal part of our morning routine. We practice a style of communication that emphasizes describing over evaluating and identifies and honors feelings and needs. 

 We emphasize building relationships over instruction. 

Our teachers do not pursue lessons at the expense of joyful interaction. The way we structure the morning provides many opportunities for closer connections and one-on-one conversations, where we can communicate to our kids that they matter and we value them.

Our main classroom does not separate children by age, allowing them to freely interact with kids and adults of all ages.


Our Covenant

Be ourselves.

We listen to ourselves.

We listen to others.

We play together.

We respect ourselves and others.

We treat others as they wish to be treated.

We have options.