Interfaith Vigil to End Poverty at State House 2019

Mary Fulton, Jean Bowen, Sky Kimball

Protesting the Overturning of Dobbs Decision at the Sea Wall 2022

Elizabeth Donovan, UUCSC President

Women's Right to Choose at the Sea Wall 2022

Our Essjay Foulkrod

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense at Wakefield Memorial Day Parade 2022

Mary Alice Kimball, Val Follett, Sky Kimball, Jean Bowen

Westerly ARC Peaceful Protest July 4, 2022

Rev. Denis Paul presents “7 Generations”

Westerly ARC Peaceful Protest July 4, 2022

Etta Zasloff and Barbara Holtzman, Understanding Reparations through Negro Spirituals

Opening Day at RI Legislature 1-02-23 in support of EACA - Equal Access Care for All

Gail Burchard, Etta Zasloff, Rev. Denis Letourneau Paul, and Cathy Solomon

Peace Parade Saugatucket Park

April 29, 2023

Trans Day of Joy

Contemporary Theatre, Wakefield

Teach Truth Action 2023

Etta Zasloff and Cathy Solomon
Rochambeau Library, Providence

SK 300th Anniversary Parade

June 2023

Narragansett Nation, Part I. March 11, 2024

Chrystal Mars Baker, Narragansett Citizen and Tomaquag Museum Education Manager and Cathy Solomon, UUCSC Social Justice Chair.

Social Justice Advisory Board:  Cathy Solomon, Chair, Penny Hall, Etta Zasloff and Nancy Richman, UUCSC Board Liaison.

UUCSC Social Justice Team


Archbishop Desmond Tutu once said …
“There comes a time when we need to stop just pulling people out of the river.
We need to go upstream and find out why they are falling in.”

Justice is at the core of our faithUU congregations are called to make a positive difference in our wider communities.  At UUCSC, we work with community groups that both work to pull local people out of the river and those that work upstream to address the root causes of inequalities such as poverty, homelessness and racism.  We are guided by a vision for positive systemic change at the local level, such as advocating for affordable housing and an anti-racist policy in our public schools.

A survey of the congregation in May 2022 prioritized climate justice, racial justice and women’s justice as the top three social issues, which guide our present focus.

We currently have an Anti-Racism Group that meets twice monthly on Zoom on Mondays at 7pm to learn about the effects of racism in our society and explore ways to overcome it.  Anyone is welcome to join or drop in for a visit anytime.  The Zoom link can be found on the UUCSC Calendar.   Racial justice at UUCSC – Some history.

The Social Justice Advisory Team follows climate and women’s justice issues, sharing information and activities through the weekly UUCSC News and Updates newsletter.   If anyone in the congregation has an interest  in facilitating a regular discussion group for either topic, please contact Cathy Solomon.