Unitarian Universalist Congregation of South County, RI

Unitarian Universalist Congregation of South County (UUCSC), located in the town of Peace Dale, Rhode Island, is a flourishing liberal religious community of over 200 members and friends.  We are young, old, single, and families with kids, LGBTQ, and more.  Whoever you are, whoever you love, you are welcome here.

 Sunday, March 3, 2024
10:00 AM Worship
In Person and On Zoom

“Naming, Knowing,
Listening and Loving

Rev. Denis Paul

Practice doesn’t always make perfect, but a rigorously committed schedule can change everything, including our connection to the Spirit of Life.

Order of Service

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on the UUCSC YouTube Channel.

Masking Policy

In the spirit of our covenant of love and helping one another, and in light of the increasing COVID, flu, and RSV transmission rates, we request that — unless you really can’t — you wear a mask during services and gatherings so that we can all keep one another healthy. Events involving the serving of food are postponed until the Spring.

The Narragansett Nation

 A free two part lecture series funded by the Carolyn Steere Hurdis Fund for Social Justice, hosted by the UUCSC Antiracism Group to be held in person in the UUCSC Sanctuary.
Masks are requested.  Registration is required


The Narragansett Nation, Part I,  Monday, March 11, 2024, 7 PM. 
“Traditions and Lifeways;” an overview from a cultural perspective of the Narragansett Nation, presented by Chrystal Mars Baker, Narragansett Citizen and Education Manager for Tomaquag Museum. Explore and learn about traditional seasonal practices, land management, ceremony, and community of the Narragansett, past and present.

The Narragansett Nation, Part II, Monday, March 25, 2024, 7 PM. 

“Survivance of the Narragansett in Rhode Island” presented by Silvermoon LaRose, Narragansett Citizen and Assistant Director of Tomaquag Museum.  Explore the history and continuance of the Narragansett Nation of Rhode Island. This presentation provides a political overview, pre-colonial to present, focusing on the survivance of the first peoples of this state.


Love is the spirit of this congregation,
And service is its prayer. 
This is our great covenant:
To dwell together in peace,
To seek the truth in love,
And to help one another.