Religious Education/Exploration


The Religious Education Program (RE) at UUCSC  seeks to be a place of religious exploration, where children and youth are offered opportunities to form a strong sense of self-identity, compassion, social justice, and connection to the natural world.  RE Director Lee Cowan directs the program with advisement and assistance from the Religious Education Committee.

During the pandemic, we are meeting virtually Sunday mornings at 9 AM and connecting through weekly newsletters and video messages which include a song, some thoughts on our theme for the week and a fun activity!

In the RE Classroom

We encourage imagination and creativity through sensory engagement, storytelling, and art.

We learn breathing and meditation techniques to tune more deeply into ourselves and the world around us.

Through service work, we proclaim the ideals of social justice and show that each of us can work towards a fair and peaceful world.

RE at UUCSC helps us feel connected to the whole universe. 

Weaving the 7 Principles of Unitarian Universalism into RE

In RE, we emphasize experiential learning about spirituality, within the trusted container of the UU faith and 7 Principles, restated here in child-friendly language:

1.  Each and every person is important.

2. All people should be treated fairly and kindly.

3. We accept one another and keep learning together.

4. Each person must be free to search for what is true.

5. All people should have a vote about things that concern them.

6. We work for a peaceful, fair, and free world.

7. We care for our planet Earth, the home of all living things.

Our practices in the classroom adhere to the UUCSC RE Program Philosophy, which includes play based learning and non violent communication.

Playbased Learning and Non Violent Communication


We use play-based learning, through which kids and adults are encouraged to live and model UU values in the ways they interact with each other.

We model the basics of Non-Violent Communication, in the main RE classroom as well as in the Nursery.

A Typical Day in RE (when we are in person)

We begin in a circle together, sharing our joys and concerns, just as the adults do upstairs. In RE, we refer to these sharings as Roses/Buds/Thorns, meaning we invite kids to share something joyful and exciting in their life (a rose), something they are looking forward to (a bud) or something they are worried or upset about (a thorn). This special circle begins with a sound meditation, a song, a prayer and lighting our chalice to create sacred space together.
From here, we introduce a project or idea for the day. Sometimes this is a craft project, an outside exploration, a community-building project or a presentation or sharing from a guest.  Kids are encouraged to follow their curiosity and explore the options during our time together. We have tables of different things around the room to engage their curiosity and their exploration. If they are excited about the project for the day, they can do that. If they’d like to explore some of the other offerings in the room, they are encouraged to do so. We love watching as they make their own decisions and explore our space!

Pageant and Special Events

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