The presenters:
Lifelong social change advocates Jim Tull and Karina Lutz have been facilitating this workshop for seven years. They were trained in The Work That Reconnects by Buddhist eco-philosopher Joanna Macy.

Jim is a teacher and social activist with 35 years of experience in confronting local, national and international social problems.

Karina is a workshop leader, poet, yoga teacher, permaculturist and co-founder of People’s Power & Light, which is now known at Green Energy Consumers Alliance.

Jim and Karina are co-founders and co-owners of Listening Tree Cooperative, an intentional community in Chepachet, RI, focused on living and demonstrating the Great Turning.

The Work that Reconnects is a perspective-changing, life-affirming workshop designed to help us face and feel our deepest, most healing responses to the world’s crises within a supportive group context. It helps reclaim the energy for action that is thwarted when we put our emotional responses to the crises on the back burner. We invite you to reopen to your inherent sense of interconnectedness with humans, other species, and as an integral part of ‘life in earth.’ Then head home with new inspiration and vision of your part in the healing of the world.

Starting with gratitude for living in earth, we’ll move into honoring our pain for the state of the world, then see with new eyes–looking at the world through a holistic, systems-based and life-affirming paradigm–and finally end with exercises to help us go forth into the world with renewed passion, clarity, and a sense of ‘power with’–instead of the prevailing ‘power over.’ This process, developed by Joanna Macy and colleagues, is called the spiral of The Work that Reconnects. Developed in response to the nuclear threat and environmental degradation, Jim and Karina also apply it to anti-oppression and other social justice and cultural healing issues. It’s all connected, truly.

Who is Joanna Macy?

Journal of The Work That Reconnects