It’s time to sign up to be a 2020 D4$ host now!

Fill out this online application or pick up a paper form at the UUCSC entrance. Deadline is extended to April 7, 2020.  Reference previous event booklet for ideas.

               Dining for Dollars (D4$)

Dining for Dollars is a fundraiser where members and friends host dinners, parties, and other food-oriented entertainments that usually take place from June to December. Individual seats at each table are sold to the highest bidders during a silent auction. The number of guests at each event ranges from six to twenty. Dining for Dollars creates exciting opportunities for members and friends of the congregation to open their homes and hearts, and it gives the auction winners an opportunity to gather other members and friends in a relaxed atmosphere to learn about each other.

Dining for Dollars

A Fundraising Social Event

Early April – Hosts  sign up. 
Date Event information available: TBA
D4$ bidding takes place: TBA

– by the End of May
Winners are notified and hosts learn who their guests will be.

– by June 30 – Guest payments are due.

– June 1- Dec. 31 –
Dining for Dollars Events take place as scheduled.

Betsy Dalton  and  Etta Zasloff