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Music ‘n’ More at Lily Pads – – Season opens with Joyce Katzberg, singer/songwriter and social activist.


Singer/songwriter and social activist Joyce Katzberg is doing a farewell tour of Rhode Island, and she has honored Music at Lily Pads by including us in that “tour.” Katzberg was a founding member of the Stone Soup Coffeehouse; a friend and colleague of Pete Seeger; a lifelong activist; as well as an engaging musician and songwriter. Audience members are asked to be as fragrance-free as possible.

A Few Nice Things People Have Said About Joyce

“One of the best voices I have ever heard! Joyce is truly a remarkable person.”
— Pete Seeger

“Joyce Katzberg is a jewel of a singer, who both moves your heart and enriches your mind.”           — Howard Zinn, – Author of “A People’s History of the United States

“Joyce Katzberg is the Moon Goddess with a giggle. She’s the first girl that broke your heart, the jolly big sister you never had, the wise woman in the shack at the end of town, the tough kid that defended you against the town bully and the big hug at the end of a bad day. She’s not just entertainment – she is nourishment.”
— Bob Colonna – Actor, Director, Author – Providence, RI

“This lady sings the blues, the ballads, the country hits and the commentary in a rich and lusty voice.”  — Laura Travis, host of “The Celtic Realm” on WRIU FM Public Radio

“The lyrics to Joyce’s song, “If I Were God” taught me more in four minutes than I learned in four years at Harvard Divinity School.”  — Reverend Fred Small

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