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Music ‘n’ More at Lily Pads – – Sandra Laub stars as Golda Meier


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Sandra Laub, an award-winning actress and veteran teacher, has been performing William Gibson’s Tony Award-winning one-woman play, Golda’s Balcony, in a variety of settings—theaters, classrooms, social halls, sanctuaries—to critical acclaim and heartfelt audience response since 2013.

Golda’s Balcony is a 90-minute tour-de force. With humor, pathos, and passion, we see Meir’s journey from an impoverished child in Czarist Russia to becoming Israel’s fourth Prime Minister, scrambling to save the country from impending destruction during the 1973 Yom Kippur War. At the heart of the play is Meir’s lifelong struggle to attain peace while agonizing over difficult moral choices, including especially the ‘terrible question’: “What happens when idealism becomes power?”

The birth of a nation and the pioneering spirit of its founders are embodied in
Golda Meir. She was a wife, a mother, a worker, and attained extraordinary stature on
the world stage. Golda’s struggle to reconcile the power Israel attained as a sovereign
nation with the competing forces of family, as well as humanitarian considerations
personalizes the taut drama centered on Israel’s ‘secret’ nuclear capability: Golda’s
view “into hell.”

For some audience members, this is a “new” story. After one performance, three
generations of one family told how meaningful it was to see the play together:
grandparents and parents remembering, grandchild learning — a story that must be
continually told and never forgotten.

“:… Sandra Laub is fabulous as Meir, an actress who captures Meir’s idealistic drive as well
as her humanness and humor. Laub holds the room but never resorts to grandstanding…You don’t have to be a fan of Israel or a history buff to enjoy this play, though. Laub’s performance alone is worth the price of admission.”
– Channing Gray, Providence Journal

“… My hands-down favorite was Sandra Laub’s restrained but shattering portrayal of Golda Meir… Laub’s careful pauses gave us a sense of complex unspoken calculations, and
keeping Meir’s emotions under wraps let the inevitable bursts of temper send chills down
our spines. Magnificent performance.”
– Bill Rodriguez, Year-End Theater Top Pics, Providence Phoenix

“…There are lots of reasons why this production is a splendid piece of theater. First and
foremost is Sandra Laub…Most theater people, especially actors, will tell you that doing a
one-woman or one-man show is the most difficult of assignments. After all, it is just one
soul out there, alone. It’s a matter of getting the audience to fall for you, and there’s nobody to help out. You, and you alone, must keep the play’s pulse moving, must make the
character live…Ms. Laub handles all of this with practiced strength and clear emotional
belief…She believes in what Golda Meir believed in and it shows in every second of this
90-minute play by William Gibson.”
– Bill Gale, WPRI, RI Public Radio

“…Laub makes us believe that she is Golda, with her sad, penetrating eyes, crisp language
and the personal telling of her story, looking into the eyes of audience members and
making them feel for her and her cause…the message is very clear, and the portrayal of this
incredible woman is realized to its fullest by Laub’s performance.”

“Without a doubt, Sandra Laub brilliantly meets the challenges of bringing the complex,
compelling, idealistic Golda to life…compelling … iron-willed composure …keenly-felt
sorrow…introspective moments are seamlessly melded with crushing grief over the death
of Israeli soldiers and the still-burning outrage over the horrors of the Holocaust.”
“Laub maintains outstanding energy and enthusiasm for the entire 90-minute production
and she creates a perceptible connection with her audience. She also brings any number of
other characters to life through imitation and parody, including a spot-on impression of
Henry Kissinger…“Laub nuances her portrayal … gingerly moving through the staging and
believably aging her vocal performance, while letting glimpses of Golda’s playfulness and
determination bleed through. “
Veronica Bruscini, Broadway World

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