27 North Road, Peace Dale, RI 02879 Sundays 10:00 am


Welcome to the UUCSC community!

We are a growing Unitarian Universalist congregation serving southern Rhode Island and vicinity.

Since 1989, when a small group first began meeting to plan a new congregation, we have grown into a thriving congregation of adults and children meeting weekly for worship, learning and fellowship. Our congregation presently consists of 150 members and approximately 40 friends. As a dynamic group, we engage in a wide variety of programs, including small group ministry, reading groups, mens’ groups, and womens’ retreats. Worship services are held on Sunday mornings year ’round. Religious education is offered from September through June.

If you would like to learn more about Unitarian Universalism, you may enjoy watching our new video, “Voices of a Liberal Faith.”

 A few comments from members of our congregation:

“When I go to church a sense of calmness comes over me and I become in touch with my spiritual self. The crazy world in which we live fades into the background. There is a strong sense of love and caring among the people here.”

“We are passionate about inclusion. All are welcome.”

“We are passionate about human rights and the dignity of the individual.”

“We support each other in sickness and in health.”

“We are passionate about the environment and doing our best to preserve it.”

“We do our best to incorporate new members into our family.”

“It took a lot of effort to get me to the front door of this fellowship and now I wish I hadn’t waited so long.  I was immediately welcomed and from Day One it felt like home.  I have been here eight months now and it gives me great pleasure that not only on Sunday, but in the supermarket, at yoga class and even at my job, I run into people from the fellowship who greet me with an open heart.”

“Here I am stronger than I could ever be alone.  I am with a group of dedicated people who share my view of the world and work to make it a better place for all living creatures who dwell here.”

We hope you’ll join us some Sunday morning at 10:00 to see what you may discover here. Perhaps you’ll find your spiritual home.