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Sermon Archive

Welcome to the sermon archive page. Click on the links below to listen to selected UUCSC sermons.

Rev.DL. Helfer On the ways we become free  – 21-Apr-2019

Rev.DL. Helfer – Engaging With Questions 7-Apr-2019

 Rev-DL-Helfer – A Vision of Inter-Generalization Community  31-Mar-2019

 Rev-DL-Helfer_Women,Men-and-Everything-in-Between – 17-Mar-2019

Rev-DL-Helfer – Lessons from El Paso. As an extra bonus opening words from Rev. Jan Knost – 17-Feb-2019

Rev-DL-Helfer – Reflections on Mary Oliver Lisa Starr – In Those We Trust  – 3-Feb-2019

Rev.DL-Helfer_Homily-Living-the-Legacy- 20-Jan-2019

Rev-DL-Helfer_Expanding-the-Mystery -16-Dec-2018

Rev-DL-Helfer – Starlight Stories  – 23-Dec-2018

Rev-DL-Helfer – For those we carry and those not yet known – 4-Nov-2018