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Adult Enrichment

Adult Enrichment at UUCSC

Our adult education programs, called ENRICH at UUCSC,” are offered on the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.  The programs are open to the public as well as to UUCSC members and friends. No admission fee is charged, but a small donation is appreciated.

The programs vary in content and format. All are selected with the interests of the community in mind. Anyone in the UUCSC community who would like to offer an ENRICH program, or has an idea for a presentation, should contact Betsy Cook at nlr_betsycook@outlook.com

On October 20, UUCSC member Gail Burchard spoke about inexpensive travel opportunities. Gail, who is a former flight attendant and an experienced international traveler, discussed some of the organizations that connect international travelers with budget accommodations, temporary or part-time jobs in exchange for food and lodging, or service opportunities. Some of the opportunities she discussed are listed here:

Affordable Travel Opportunities