27 North Road, Peace Dale, RI 02879 Sundays 10:00 am

The Wellness Team

Our Wellness Team offers programs to enhance wellness in body, mind and spirit. In addition to hosting a variety of community dances (rock and roll, folk, contra and an African and Latin dance program), the Wellness Team has offered programs on Qi Gong, nutrition, yoga, and other topics. The team also arranges weekend walks, yoga classes, and gong meditation sessions.

Members of the Wellness Team are trained to provide lessons in a mind-body-spirit technique that helps people prepare for surgery, heal faster and use less pain medication. This technique can also be used to lessen the side effects of chemotherapy, radiation and the challenges of acute and long term health issues and anxieties. The technique has been validated by substantial clinical research by major hospitals. UUCSC members can request a free session by contacting the Office Adminstrator.

If you have suggestions for additional health related speakers or programs, or if you would like to join the Wellness Team, please contact Sarah Bell at sarahbell@earthlink.net.