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New rules for food donations to Welcome House

For many years, members and friends of UUCSC have provided an evening meal to Welcome House once a month.

Recently Kelsey Leonard, Welcome House’s new kitchen and volunteer coordinator, informed us that state regulations prohibit Welcome House from accepting food from home kitchens because the food may not meet safety regulations.

Instead of donating cooked food each month, we will donate ingredients. Each month, Kelsey will send Mary Fulton a recipe with the amount of each ingredient. Our volunteers can choose which ingredient to donate.

State regulations also prohibit Welcome House from accepting any extra food left over from events at UUCSC unless the food was prepared by caterers and was handled only by servers. We cannot donate anything home-cooked or served buffet style.

We will continue to keep a volunteer sign-up sheet in the Oneto Community Room for members and friends of the congregation who want to help provide food for the Welcome House guests.