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Musings from your Minister: (Not) A Pastoral Prayer

August 12, 2017

My heart breaks, as I know yours does too.
The worst of America— the bully and the racist— is alive and well.
And lives, many lives, are on the line.
But make no mistake.
It is not our bodies that are at risk. It is not our lives that are on the line.
Not unless we make it so.
And we must make it so.

With brown and black siblings at risk,
the comforts of our own lives, I hope,
are becoming less comfortable.

That feeling of discomfort,
it’s real, and telling us something,
to move, to act, to risk.

For anyone who has said “not again,”
this is your time.
For all who claim faith,
you are called to act.
For each and all whom claim equality,
it is time, far past time, to make it so.

Risk everything.
Before we lose the ability to act,
before our despair turns to reality.

The need is great,
but so too is your love.
I’ve seen your hearts.
I know you can do this.

Keep faith that the world can heal,
that change is possible,
and know that you are not alone.

– Rev. David L. Helfer