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Our Christmas Eve Eve candlelight service was amazing

Our annual Eve Eve service on Saturday, December 23 was amazing. The ushers reported that the Sanctuary was “standing room only” before the service was scheduled to begin at 6:00 p.m. Michael Galib, our Music Director, provided traditional Christmas music and raised the bar again this year. To all the visitors who attended, thank you for joining us.


Santa took some time off to attend the Christmas Eve Eve service. Sue Strakosch and Helene Gersuny joined him for a chat.


One of our previous Christmas Eve Eve services.


The Rev David Helfer with one of the wee ones.


Was it Ed Burrell ushering, or was it Will Bender? You needed to see their name tags to tell for sure.


Elizabeth Carter, Virginia Carter, Jeff Berry, and Cindy Cole Berry relaxing after the service.