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Covenant Groups will form in January

At his “Chalice Side Chat” in April, Rev. David Helfer helped to clarify our newly re-organized Small Group Ministries program.

Beneath the umbrella of Small Group Ministries, we now include Short-Term Spiritual Reflections Groups, Affinity Groups, and Covenant Groups (formerly known as Small Group Ministry Groups). Each type of small group experience has a particular focus and format, but all have the goal of spiritual deepening and community building.

While Affinity Groups can be formed as interest and need emerges, and there are plans to initiate a Short Term Reflection Group in the near future, in January we would like to start some Covenant Groups.

Covenant Groups are characterized by a commitment to continuity of attendance twice a month. A minimum of six people are required, but membership is limited to ten people. The groups forming now will meet together for one year. Those who are interested are asked to commit to participate for at least three months. Enrollment in a newly-forming group is initially open to all, but is later limited so group members have a chance to bond.

If you are interested, please fill out an availability form. You can find the form on the Small Group Ministries board in the Onto Community Room. We appreciate the folks who filled out a form last spring, but ask that you fill out a new form with your current availability.

Sally Barney and Essjay Foulkrod, coordinators