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Website and FaceBook demonstration

You can learn how easy it is to access our website and FaceBook page after coffee hour on Sunday, February 18, when members of the UUCSC Communications and Publicity Committee will host an informal learning session.
Members of the Communications and Publicity Committee and other volunteers will demonstrate some of the features on our website, including the interactive calendar, the on-line library resources, the members directory, and the accessibility feature that makes it easier to see the website pages.
You’ll see how to download an application to your smartphone that will enable you to get access to the members directory directly from your phone. You’ll also learn how to access the UUCSC FaceBook page.
On the two Sunday mornings after this demonstration— Sunday, February 25 and Sunday, March 4— committee members and volunteers will be available during coffee hour to provide one-on-one help. Please bring your smart phone or laptop if you’d like to take advantage of this individual help.
The members of the Communications and Publicity Committee want everyone in the congregation to be as comfortable as possible with our on-line digital tools. The website and the FaceBook page have timely information about what’s happening at UUCSC, and we want everyone to be able to access this information right away. Having the UUCSC directory on your phone is amazingly convenient!
Please plan to come to the demonstration session on Sunday, February 18. Bring your questions and your ideas about how we can continue to build our communications network and make it even better!
For more information, contact Betsy Dalton (elizabethmdalton@gmail.com), Chair of the Communications and Publicity Committee.


Event Date Title Location Map
Feb 18, 2018 - 11:30 am Website and FaceBook demonstration View