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Church Documents

2018-2019 Fiscal Year Annual Reports

Minutes of the UUCSC Annual Meeting 2018

2018-2019 Music Director

2018-2019 Facilities Committee

2018-2019 Music and More at Lily Pads

2018-2019 Finance Committee and Treasurer

2018-2019 Religious Education Committee

2018-2019 Social Justice Committee

2018-2019 Stewardship & Our Living Legacy

2018-2019 Wellness Team

2018-2019 Worship Committee

2018-2019 Communications Committee

2018-2019 Director of Religious Education

2018-2019 Membership

2018-2019 Minister

2018-2019 Music Committee

2018-2019 Office Admin

2018-2019 Pastoral Care

2018-2019 Personnel

2018-2019 President

UUCSC Information

Interactive Calendar Page ( click link below)

UUCSC Calendar Page

Forms and Surveys:
Please print and deliver in person the morning of the service. Please do not email.


UUCSC interests form

Committee/Chair Job Descriptions:

Expectations for Board

UUCSC Facilities Job Description

UUCSC RE Committee Job Description

UUCSC Personnel committee Job Description

UUCSC Music Committee Job Description

UUCSC Communication Committee Job Description

UUCSC Worship Commitee Job Description

UUCSC Clerk’s Job Description

UUCSC Finance Committee and Chair Job Desc

UUCSC Directors Job Description

UUCSC Board Liaison Job Description

UUCSC Treasurer Job Description

UUCSC Past President Job Description

UUCSC Clerk’s Job Description

UUCSC Vice President Job Description

UUCSC President Job Description

UUCSC Pastoral Care

UUCSC Social Justice Team Job Description

UUCSC Music at Lily Pads Chair Job Description

UUCSC Bylaws

UUCSC Bylaws as amended 6.3.18

Handbooks, Policies and Plans:

UUCSC Policy Manual Rev 7_18_2019

Staff Search Committee Handbook 04-21-17

Personnel Policy Manual UUCSC 04-21-2017


Share the Plate Policy 1.17.12 : Procedures and guidelines for submitting and selecting recipients of our “Share the Plate” collections.

Religious Education DRE Handbook 3-4-14

Minister, Personnel Committee, Office Administrator Handbook 5-15-14

Music Committee, Music Director Handbook 3-4-14

How to announce your event at UUCSC and beyond_1.23.17

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NOTE: In the event of any discrepancy between a document published in this website and the corresponding original document on file with the Clerk, the original shall be considered the operative document. For questions or comments contact the Church Administrator at : uucscri@yahoo.com